The schedule may vary, but daily courses typically include:

  • 9–11 AM: Ottoman Turkish
  • 11:30–12:30 AM: Persian support for Ottoman Turkish
  • 2–3 PM: Modern Turkish, or, for native speakers of Turkish and those with near-native ability, translation from Ottoman to English
  • Evening tutor sessions

Optional three-week seminar on Karamanlidhika in the Ottoman Archives

The Ottoman Studies Foundation is pleased to announce that the three-week seminar on Karamanlidhika will be continued in 2016.

The course will be taught by Dr. Evangelia BALTA, Institute of Historical Studies, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens. (contact info)

Dr. Balta has delivered the seminars as part of the Intensive Ottoman and Turkish Summer School since 2010. This expansion of the curriculum was made possible with the generous support of the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

Dr Balta is one of the world’s leading experts on karamanlidhika publications and has wide experience in working on and publishing Ottoman defters and other archival documents. Her seminar introduces students to the main issues in the field and focus on research opportunities in the Başbakanlık Arşivi.

In addition to Turkish and Ottoman, familiarity with the Greek alphabet is required for attendance. Karamanlidhika publications were written in the Turkish language but with the Greek alphabet, so an ability to read Turkish in the Greek alphabet is a prerequisite to dealing with archival documents (eg. ruhsatnâmes) regarding these publications.

Depending on the interested students’ level of ability in Persian and Modern Turkish, the seminar runs parallel to the existing courses.

Students who are interested in following this course will be expected to attend all other courses.

For more information on Dr. Balta, please visit her personal webpage.