Location and Facilities

The Intensive Ottoman and Turkish Summer School is located on a small Aegean island, Cunda (officially called Alibey Adası), which is connected to the mainland town of Ayvalık by a causeway and a small bridge. It is situated two hours north of İzmir and directly across from Lesvos.

Classroom in the Sevgi-Doğan Gönül Ottoman Research Building

The School is conducted in the Sevgi-Doğan Gönül Ottoman Research Building, a beautiful renovated building in the heart of Cunda.

This former Greek village is an interesting historic site and is ideal for concentrating on language learning since it is far removed from large cities and the local population typically knows little English. A small but growing reference library in the school is available for students’ use.

Garden of the Sevgi-Doğan Gönül Ottoman Research Building

Cunda has many restaurants and coffee shops, a clinic, two pharmacies, and late-night convenience stores. There is regular bus, dolmuş and boat service to Ayvalık, where intercity bus service is available. Students share apart suites provided with cooking and refrigeration facilities at the Kapya Apart Otel, a stone’s throw from the school.