• Introduction to Ottoman Epigraphy: Surveying the Development of Ottoman inscriptions

    The Ottoman Studies Foundation is pleased to share the following announcement about a three-week summer course offered in Istanbul by Koç University and the University of Chicago:

    “Introduction to Ottoman Epigraphy” is a 3-week program (July 1, 2013 – July 19, 2013) that offers a broad chronological survey of Ottoman inscriptions from a chronological standpoint starting with the earliest examples in Anatolia led by University of Chicago Professors. Combining lectures, thematic explorations and seminar presentations, the course will feature numerous guided site visits throughout Istanbul. Students will also have the chance to visit Bursa and Edirne to study inscriptions of critical historical importance in situ.

    As a collaboration between Koç University and the University of Chicago, the course will take place at Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, located in Beyoğlu at the heart of Istanbul.

    Visit the website of the Koç University Office of International Programs for more information:

    Please note: This is not a program of the Ottoman Studies Foundation. Queries should be directed to:

    Ms. Merve Demirbaş
    International Projects Development Coordinator

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